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Snackfish is SNACBIT based, and uses commands in Deadfish.


Command Description
i Increment the current snack, wrapping around at the edges
d Decrement the current snack, wrapping around at the edges
s Square the number associated with the current snack, wrapping around at the edges
o Output the current snack


An implementation of Snackfish in Common Lisp shall be produced:

(declaim (type (simple-array simple-string (11)) +SNACBIT-STATES+))

(defparameter +SNACBIT-STATES+
  (make-array 11
    :element-type 'string
      '("Peanut butter cracker"
        "Cosmic brownie"
        "Tortilla chip"
        "Cheese cracker"
        "Potato chip"
        "Peanut butter cup"

(defun normalize-state-number (state-number)
  (declare (type integer state-number))
  (the (integer 1 11)
    (+ 1 (mod (- state-number 1) 11))))

(defun interpret-Snackfish (&optional (initial-code "" initial-code-supplied-p))
  "Launches the Snackfish interpreter, contingently processing the INITIAL-CODE, if supplied, and repeatedly querying the user for a command sequence until a completely empty line is issued, consequently returning NIL."
  (declare (type string initial-code))
  (declare (type T      initial-code-supplied-p))
    with state-number of-type (integer 1 11) = 1
    for  first-cycle-p of-type boolean = T then NIL
    for  commands of-type string
      = (if (and first-cycle-p initial-code-supplied-p)
            (format T "~&>> ")
            (read-line *standard-input* NIL "")))
    while (plusp (length commands))
      (loop for token of-type character across commands do
        (case token
          (#\i       (setf state-number (normalize-state-number (1+ state-number))))
          (#\d       (setf state-number (normalize-state-number (1- state-number))))
          (#\s       (setf state-number (normalize-state-number (* state-number state-number))))
          (#\o       (print (aref +SNACBIT-STATES+ (1- state-number))))
          (otherwise (terpri))))))

Here is also an interpreter in Python by User:None1:

snacklist=['Peanut butter cracker', 'Cosmic brownie', 'Cheezit', 'Cheeto', 'Dorito', 'Tortilla chip', 'Cheese cracker', 'Potato chip', 'Applesauce', 'Peanut butter cup', 'Pickle']
import sys
for i in code:
    if i=='i':
    if i=='d':
    if i=='s':
    if i=='o':