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Queuenanimous is an esolang by User:PythonshellDebugwindow.

Memory model

Queuenanimous uses an unbounded queue of unbounded signed integers.


Like in brainfuck, each character of the program represents one command.


Dequeuing from an empty queue returns zero.

Command Effect
0 Enqueue zero
+ Dequeue N, enqueue N + 1
- Dequeue N, enqueue N - 1
> Dequeue N, enqueue N
[P] While loop: at each iteration, dequeue N, and break if N is zero


Queuenanimous can be translated from 3-cell brainfuck with no IO as follows:

3-cell brainfuck Queuenanimous
Start 000
+ +>>
- ->>
< >
> >>
[ [
] ]

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