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Project Euler Problem 15 is a problem related to the Pascal's triangle. The problem mentions a type of routes that starts from the top left and ends at the bottom right of the lattice, and can only move right or down. It requires you to count the number of such routes on a 20 by 20 lattice.

Mathigon Dec 1 2021 is a similar problem that goes on a 4 by 4 lattice instead of 20 by 20. If you want to get the solution to that problem, try replacing 20 with 4 in the codes below.

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Works on Try it Online; Fails on AheuiChem.


External resources

  • Problem 15 on Project Euler Official Website (not available)
  • Dec 1 2021 on Mathigon
  • Problem 15 on Project Euler Mirror