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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

An attempt at a bigger, more tarry, turing tarpit, following similar "global rules" to Brainfuck (e.g., tape of byte-sized cells for instructions, moving "left" to "right") except with the tape for data being made of bits (see Boolfuck) accessed using a bit offset in byte-sized chunks. also, an extra variable, A.

instructions are as follows:

&: [P] &= A
!: [P] = ![P]
<: P--
>: P++
x: swap([P], A)

P is an offset into the tape in bits, [P] is an 8-bit chunk starting from bit P of the tape, A is a char.

This needs work, however, it seems to me that it could be turing complete were some kind of loop added, as combining & and ! and x can perform any logical bitwise operation, add in the ability to do bit-shifts via < and > and one can do addition and subtraction...