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Boolfuck is an esoteric programming language based on Brainfuck, but operating only on bits. It does, however, provide input and output.


Command Meaning
+ Invert the bit that the current tape cell holds.
, Input.
; Output.
< Move tape head left.
> Move tape head right.
[ Jump past matching ] if current tape cell holds 0.
] Jump back to matching [.

Computational class

Boolfuck can be shown to be Turing-complete by reduction from Brainfuck. Each Brainfuck program maps to a Boolfuck program - so anything that can be expressed in Brainfuck can also be expressed in Boolfuck - and Brainfuck is known to be Turing-complete. More details on the reduction can be found at the Boolfuck website, listed below.

Differences from Brainfuck

  • Works with bits not bytes. Each cell is 1-bit and wrapping, so - is removed.
  • The output character is ; not ..
  • The input is read in little endian mode and reads a single bit at a time.
  • Output is stored to a stream, then outputted in little endian mode.


Here is a sample Boolfuck program; it outputs Hello, world!:


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