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OutputF is an esolang invented by User:None1. It is a superset of Output.

Extra command

Fuck value

Interpret value as brainfuck. The format of the value is the same as the format of the value in output.


Cat program

Fuck ",[.,]"

Brainfuck interpreter

Fuck the input


Another one, append line feed and brainfuck code to the source code to execute it:

Fuck the source code

For example:

Fuck the source code

is a cat program.

Note that this interpreter may not work correctly if code contains redundant characters, for example:

Fuck the source code
Output ",[.,]"

will execute the cat program, then output ,[.,] (because the code includes an OutputF command).

Computational class

'cos you can invoke brainfuck with it, this esolang is definitely Turing complete!

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