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N Refine is an OISC esolang by User:PythonshellDebugwindow.

Syntax and Semantics

Each N Refine program is a series of unbounded space-separated integers. Each command takes up two of these integers; let's call these integers A and B. If A is 0 (notwithstanding number redefinition), then the program jumps to position , as each command takes up two integers. If A is nonzero, however, a random number is then picked from : if the number is 0, then it redefines the number A to be the number B; if the number is 1, then it redefines the number B to be the number A.

Example: infinite loop

0 1 0 0

Computational class

Unknown; numbers can be used for storage, but storage is probabilistic, and all jumps are absolute.

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