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Myndzi is a utility IRC cyborg whose main feature is drawing the lower two lines of ascii stick figures if someone else draws the upper line. Myndzi was used by the esoteric languages community. It used to dwell on the #esoteric channel on the freenode IRC server under the nick myndzi. Myndzi's bot half is apparently on hiatus since some time between 2015 and 2019.

An example for basic interaction with myndzi is the following.

   <izabera> \o/
   <myndzi>   |
   <myndzi>  /`\

Myndzi tries to line up its two lines of output with the first line assuming that the output is formatted in the way that irssi formats lines, so it takes into account the length of IRC nicks. If your nick is shorter than myndzi's, then you usually need to start the first line of the stick figures with spaces, or else myndzi believes that it can't line its answer up below yours, so it won't reply at all.

fungot has a command celebrate to output the first line of several stick figures, triggering myndzi.