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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.
Do not implement it! It is only work-in-progress! If you want to implemtent it mark it as version 0.2!

MME!(Memory-Map everything!) is an esolang by User:ChuckEsoteric08.


a b

Copy value a to variable b. Dereference can be made using [ and ]. [a] is value inside variable a. [ [a] ](without spaces) is value pointed by value inside variable a and ect

Memory-mapped commands

a ADD(B) - set B to sum of B and a
a DEC(B) - set B to subtraction of B and a
a LABEL - Declare label a
a GOTO(B,C) - goto if value of B is C
a IN - input byte and store it's ASCII value in a
a OUT - output a as ASCII character
[a] a - stop program

Otherwise it will be Copy operation


0.1 - first version of the language. Memory Mapped Commands are ADD, DEC, LABEL, GOTO and Condtitional GOTO. Command is copy value to variable 0.2 - second version. Added IO Memory-mapped Commands and unconditional GOTO deleted