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ifunge is an image version of Befunge, created by User:None1


ifunge programs are grayscale images, the grayscaleof each pixel represents an ASCII character in a Befunge program (e.g., A pure black pixel stands for a null character). When running, ifunge programs transpile into Befunge.

Example Program

Hello World

real program: Ifunge hello.png 100 times larger image: Ifunge hello large.png

Cat Program

real program: Ifunge cat.png 100 times larger image: Ifunge cat large.png

99 bottles of beer (Found a bug, may be modified in the future)

real program: Ifunge 99.png 100 times larger image: Ifunge 99 large.png

How to Pronounce ifunge

ifunge should be pronounced like (eye funge), which treats the first i as a separate letter from the other letters.