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EgoBot is an IRC bot for running esoteric programming languages, created by Gregor Richards. It may frequently be seen and experimented with in the #esoteric IRC channel, and its source is available at (dead link). It also runs hills for the competitive programming languages FukYorBrane and BF Joust.

Currently it supports the following languages: 1L, 2L, ///, ADJUST, assembler, axo, Befunge, BitChanger, Bitwise Cyclic Tag, Boolfuck, Brainfuck, C, CHIQRSX9+, C-INTERCAL, CLC-INTERCAL, C++, Dimensifuck, Forth, Glass, Glypho, Kipple, Lambda, Lazy K, Linguine, Malbolge, Ook!, pbrain, Perl, Quantum brainfuck, Rail, Rhotor, SADOL, Sceql, sh, Trigger, Udage, Underload, Unlambda, and Whirl

(This list is not maintained, and is almost certainly incomplete. You can see the basic languages by typing "!help languages" or looking here (dead link), and recursively defined interpreters with "!userinterps".)

EgoBot is no longer active, but its successor HackEgo has inherited most of its interpreters, and makes them available using the ! HackEso command.