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Brainfuck-- is a language made by User:Wh1teWolf and is a downgraded version of brainfuck, that uses only five instructions.


Brainfuck-- was created by User:Wh1teWolf in 2009 in an attempt to make a language that had as few instructions possible, while still being Turing Complete (but falls short because of lack of memory). The language was also made as a test of skills.

Specification and instruction list

Unlike brainfuck Brainfuck-- uses 32 binary bits as a way to store memory, the first 8 bits is used with the input/output instruction, the rest can be used for other things.

There are 5 instructions:

+     Sets current bit to the opposite of itself
.     Output ascii equivalent of first 8 bits if nonzero, else input one letter and store its value in first 8 bits
>     Move to next bit
[     Jump past the matching ] if the current bit is 0
]     Jump back to the matching [ if the current bit is nonzero 


Hello program

>>>+>>>+.                                         H
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+>>+>+>>+.              e
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+>>>+.                 l
.                                                 l
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+>+.                 o

Cat program


Moving the pointer one step back


Moving the pointer five steps back


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