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Brain Ah Fuck or the full name brainahfuckohfuckwhydiditmultiplythevaluebytwopleasehelpmeihatethis is an esoteric programming language based on Brainfuck, but operating only on bits. It was made by User:Xarthan on June 2 2022 for only being pain.

Computational class

Brain Ah Fuck can be shown to be Turing-complete by reduction from brainfuck if I made it right.


Brain Ah Fuck has the following commands:

Cmd Description
s Swap: sets 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 at the memory pointer
0 0congoto: goto if 0
1 1congoto: goto if 1
> Move right: Move data pointer right
< Move left: Move data pointer left
. Output: Output bit at data pointer
, Input: Input to data pointer moving right every bit

Note: Trying to print any cell that is below id zero will halt.

Other note: Input starts at the least significant bit



A cat program writes its input directly to its output.


Hello, world!

A Hello, world! program is a trivial program which outputs a static string of text, usually

//set mem
//go to 0
//print 104 bits (ascii values)

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