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ANItka lang is an esoteric programming language designed by Radek. It was developed on the spur of the moment for author's girlfriend Anita.

ANItka lang was inspired by COW. Language syntax based on many variants of Anitka word. Memory available at the runtime is only limited by the implementation of an interpreter.

Instruction Set

All instructions are listed on the ANItka lang Home Page. Currently the language has 21 opcodes including IF and LOOP statements.


Prints the result of 4 x 2 expression:

 aNitka aNitka aNitka aNitka Anitka aNitka aNitka Anitka ANITka aNiTkA

Loop which prints 4 hearts and bunny at the end:

 aNitka aNitka aNitka aNitka ANITkA ANItkA anitKa ANiTKA aniTKA

Compare if two numbers are equal. If true prints heart otherwise bunny

 anItka Anitka anItka anitkA ANItKA ANItkA aNITKA ANiTKA aniTKA

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