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Ørjan Johansen is an esoteric programming language enthusiast from Norway.

He has invented the languages CHIQRSX9+, Bag, Reaper and Malbolge Unshackled. He has also written several Unlambda implementations, including a (nearly meta-circular) one in Unlambda itself and one in INTERCAL.

He likes to prove other people's languages Turing complete (or sometimes not). Some of his more memorable cases are ///, Eodermdrome, subsets of Underload (with False as corollary), brainfuck with 3 unbounded cells, Qdeql, Fueue, Reversible Brainfuck, Jolverine, Gemooy and Emmental. Some that turned out not to be Turing complete were Subtle cough and the functional subset of 0x29A.

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