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ZiziQue is a very mysterious esoteric programming language. The only thing known about ZiziQue is that, in it, an implementation of Deadfish might look like this:


Although unless ZiziQue is even weirder than it looks, this seems unlikely to properly implement Deadfish's 256-goes-to-0 behavior.

From this, the commands seem to be:

Command Description
" Output the parameter.
^ Goto a label.
[labelname] Declare a label, here called labelname.
+ Increment a variable.
{} Specify that a parameter is the result of an expression or a variable.
- Decrement a variable.
= Set a variable to a number or expression.
! Check some sort of current input byte for the following character. Then follows commands on the same line if it's equal.
. End program.

The example program doesn't show how the input itself works, and variables magically appear similarly to BASIC. It could be that the ! command itself inputs if nothing's been input, and removes input if it jumps.