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YesNoMaybeUnknown is an esolang created by Cortex using quaternary digits (or quits). These 4 values are represented as:

  •  ? (unknown)
  • 0 (no)
  • ½ (maybe)
  • 1 (yes)

Also, instead of cells, 1 simple accumulator, a stack, or even an interesting esoteric data structure, it uses 8192 accumulators. Yep. In addition, to prevent YNMU from contracting Unnecessarily Complex Print Statements Syndrome (UCPSS), it has strings as well as numbers and quits.

About the accumulators

At the start of the program, all accumulators are set to ? by default, except for the reserved ones. All accumulators can be changed, except for the reserved ones; the reserved accumulators serve to store certain data.

Reserved accumulators

Accumulator number Name Description Type
100-120 Input #1-20 Input from the user. Can have up to 20 inputs. If no input is given in an input, its corresponding accumulator will have the value of ?. String
2026 Instruction Counter Can actually be edited. When edited, go forward in the program; like 🚨 in Emoji-gramming Number
8000 Solely to annoy you. It's always 7. Number


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