Xdi8 aho fHL mA

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The title of this article is not correct because of technical limitations. The correct title is actually xdi8 aho f꜕刀 m∀.

For ease of use, I'm going to go ahead and use the wrong title.

Xdi8 aho fHL mA
Designed by PSTF
Appeared in 2024
Computational class High-level, Pseudonatural
Reference implementation Unimplemented
File extension(s) .xd, .xdi8, .txt, .text

Xdi8 aho fHL mA is an Esolang invented by PSTF. It based on an artifical language which calls "Shidinn". For more details of Xdi8, please goto https://wiki.xdi8.top/wiki/Shidinn Wiki: Main_Page.


Straight to the point, the commands must write in !中文, and then put it on Shidinn Translator.


THERE ARE A LOT OF PROGRAMS. THEY ARE IN xdi8 aho f꜕刀 m∀/Nʎ ߔʎd hβ8 s∀ꝇ.