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XSVL (eXecutable Symbolic Value Lang) is a minimalist language similar to brainfuck where the syntax is swapped around a bit.
There are only 10 cells.

Symbol Description
+ Increments a cell value.
- Decrements a cell value.
> Moves to the right cell.
< Moves to the left cell.
. Prints a cell value corresponding to its ASCII code.
: Prints a cell's numerical value.
0 This character represents any 0-9 numerical digit.
The current cell will be multiplied by the specified number.

Language history

26/08/21 @ 17:32 CST Cell quantity dropped to 10
26/08/21 @ 20:14 CST Response to character , was removed


Unofficial C interpreter by ArthroStar11 (folder download(C src))
Official C# interpreter by threesodas (zip file)