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WinReg is an esoteric programming language created by User:Dominicentek. It's syntax is similar to his other language called FolderCode. Instead of it being a folder structure, it is a tree of keys and values in the Windows Registry.


In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE, create a key called WinReg, and put all of your programs in there. To make a program, simply make a key and the program will be that key.


All commands, exactly like in FolderCode, are indexed with numbers.

Command Value Type Parameter Description
var SZ Variable name Set open variable/create a new variable
assignstr SZ Variable value Assigns a string value to an open variable
assignint DWORD Variable value Assigns an integer value to an open variable
assignfromvar SZ Variable name Assigns a value from a variable to an open variable
user SZ Variable name Assings user input to a variable
if KEY Variable name Compares an open variable with a variable
else KEY None If the above if statement returns false, this gets executed instead
print SZ Variable name Prints variable value into console
add SZ Variable name Adds a number to an open variable
sub SZ Variable name Subtracts a number from an open variable
mul SZ Variable name Multiplies a number in an open variable
div SZ Variable name Divides a number in an open variable
mod SZ Variable name Modules a number in an open variable
loop KEY Variable name Loops inside code a number of times in a variable and stores its loop amount into an open variable
random SZ Variable name Assigns a random number to an open variable based on the range
delay SZ Variable name Delays the code for a number of milliseconds
function KEY Function name Defines a function
callfunc SZ Function name Calls a function
toint SZ Variable name Converts a string variable to an integer
tostr SZ Variable name Converts an integer variable to a string
exit ANY None Exits the program

On KEY types, the parameter acts as the type's default value.


Hello World

┏ var text
┣ assign Hello World!
┗ print text


┏ user input
┣ toint input
┣ var one
┣ assignint 1
┣ if input
┃ ┣ function printone
┃ ┃ ┣ print one
┃ ┃ ┗ callfunc printone
┃ ┗ callfunc printone
┗ else
   ┣ var zero
   ┣ assignint 0
   ┗ print zero

Fizz Buzz

┏ user input
┣ toint input
┣ var zero
┣ assignint 0
┣ var three
┣ assignint 3
┣ var five
┣ assignint 5
┣ var fizz
┣ assignstr Fizz
┣ var buzz
┣ assignstr Buzz
┣ var newline
┣ assignstr \n
┣ var loopamount
┗ loop input
   ┣ var threereminder
   ┣ assignvar loopamount
   ┣ var fivereminder
   ┣ assignvar loopamount
   ┣ var threereminder
   ┣ mod three
   ┣ var fivereminder
   ┣ mod five
   ┣ var threereminder
   ┣ if zero
   ┃ ┗ print fizz
   ┣ var fivereminder
   ┣ if zero
   ┃ ┗ print buzz
   ┣ var threereminder
   ┣ if zero
   ┣ else
   ┃ ┣ var fivereminder
   ┃ ┣ if zero
   ┃ ┗ else
   ┃    ┗ print loopamount
   ┗ print newline