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Vrejvax is a three- or five-instruction Boolfuck derivative designed by User:Nortaneous in 2008. An interpreter was written by User:Madk in 2010. There is an incomplete interpreter written in QuickBASIC available here. (dead link)


The name is represented in IPA as vɹeɪ̯vax. "Vrejvax" is a contraction of the Foolang (dead link) phrase "vrejas vaxra", meaning "mind-fucker".


Instruction Description
+ Flip the current bit and increment the pointer.
< Decrement the pointer.
? If the current bit is a 1, jump to the instruction located at the position given by the byte to the immediate right of the current bit; if that byte is zero, add 256 to the location of the byte after that and jump to the instruction given by that; if that byte is zero, add 256 again and get the next byte, and so on.
, Same as boolfuck.
. Same as boolfuck.

The , and . instructions are not required for Turing completeness, so they can be omitted.

Example code

Hello World




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