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VTFF is an esoteric programming language created by User:Programmer5000. It uses only 2 characters, 0x0b and 0x0c, which are Vertical Tab, and Form Feed respectively.



First, all non VT or FF characters are removed from the code.

Then the code is separated into chunks of VTs (eg, the code is split on FFs).

For example, if the code is VVFVFV (replacing V with a vertical tab and F with a form feed), than it would be converted into VV, V and V.

Char converting

Next each chunk of VTs is converted into the UTF-8 codepoint of its length plus 31.

For example, for the chunk is VV, than it is converted to the UTF-8 character at 2 + 31, which is ! (0x21).

The result is a list of UTF-8 characters, in this case !, , and .


Lastly, the code is joined to form a string (! in this case) and evaluated as Javascript. In this case, it is a syntax error.


  • The empty program outputs Hello, World!.
  • The JS variable i contains the input.
  • If the program is FF, or it contains no VTs or FFs, it outputs 0.
  • If a chunk of VTs is empty (after removing non-VTs and FFS) (eg. the second chunk in VFFV, (replacing V with a vertical tab and F with a form feed)), than it is treated as if it was VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV, 0.

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