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VES++ has included the most common languages from west Europe (and for some random reason the Turkish language is also included). This way many people are able to understand a part of the code, yet (probably) not everything. In my opinion it is a fun way to get involved with other languages!

Detailed description and specification and an implementation of the language can be found here.


Overview symbols
Type Word in this language Language where it comes from
Plus operator mas Spanish
Minus operator eksi Turkish
Multiply operator vezes Portugese
Division operator dela Swedish
Assignment er Norwegian
If ef Icelandic
Else annars Icelandic
While aika Finnish
Equal operator lig Danish
Not equal operator unterschiedlich German
Terminate character (;) fin French
Left parenthesis haakje_begin Dutch
Right parenthesis haakje_eind Dutch
Left bracet fa_inizio Italian
Right bracet fa_fine Italian
Print statement taispeain Irish
Overview symbols
Symbol Usage
$ Line starting with '$' are comment lines
# This character ends the print-statement
@ Every variable starts with an @
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
< Smaller than
<= Smaller than or equal to


Hello World

Prints ASCII values.

	72 fin
	101 fin
	108 fin
	108 fin
	111 fin
	32 fin
	87 fin
	111 fin
	114 fin
	108 fin
	100 fin


Replace <input> with your input.

@the_program_input er <input> fin
aika haajke_begin @the_program_input lig 1 haajke_end fa_inizio
		1 fin
	0 fin

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