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ClearBF is a programming language that helps writing programs in the most famous esoteric programming language: Brainfuck. After compiling ClearBF sources, then the Brainfuck output programs may be easily be compiled in his turn using any BF compiler. The syntax is basically inspired from the Tbf language.

Language overview

The ClearBF is based in a C implementation using the Flex library to generate the lexical analyser for ClearBF language.

Development team

This project was a scholar project at ENSIAS - Morocco to build a compiler in C/Flex. The team is supervised by Mr. Karim Baîna and Mrs. Mounia ABIK. Members of the team are:

   * Mohammed ASSOUKTI (Team’s leader)
   * Yasmina MOUNIR
   * Anass ANNOUR
   * Larbi Mohibbi
   * Yasser ABOUKIR


We have implemented the majority of algorithms used when translating the ClearBF code to the BF. However we've used some famous Brainfuck algorithms. For more details see Brainfuck algorithms, Brainfuck constants.

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