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Hi, my name is Wh1teWolf, I come from Norway and I often program for the mere fun of it. I can program in C, C++, Basic, Assembly, Pascal, Fortran, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Brainfuck, SNUSP. I love esoteric programming languages, especially Brainfuck and Brainfuck-- for it's minimalistic designs, English for it's ingeniously simple language, and Befunge for it's coolness. The first esoteric language I tried was Brainfuck, and I actually made an interpreter for it in Fortran just to try out the language because I couldn't find an existing interpreter that worked at that time. The first thought that hit me after studying brainfuck for a while was that it could be optimized more, so I designed Brainfuck-- which had only 5 of Brainfuck's 8 instructions, later I made Minifuck and Ultimate bf instruction minimalization! (it has only two commands but it is completely TC).

I have made several Brainfuck interpreters and compilers in Basic, Pascal, and Fortran (none of them officially released).

Languages designed by me:

Implementations I have written

Current Projects:

  • MarioLANG 2.0: Adds lots of cool stuff like a jetpack, a function to display the source code (makes it easy to make a mario game (and also a quine))

Ideas for future development

  • A language using a physics engine to do all the commands.
  • A language storing values in cells on the surface of a sphere.
  • Something with a Christmas theme:)