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Kang Seonghoon, as known as tokigun or lifthrasiir, is a South Korean programmer interested in esoteric programming languages (and bunch of others).

Notable projects

  • Versert (2005), a Befunge-like language without stack.
  • XUMUL (2011), a self-modifying XML-based language.
  • Aheui, first known esolang designed for Korean. Not the author, but I have written several notable codes for Aheui:
  • PyFunge (2009), a versatile implementation for Befunge-93 and Funge-98.
  • The Esotope project, an integrated framework designed for implementing esolang implementations (2005--2012). This moniker also retroactively included independent implementations for langs. Most source codes are unfortunately not available due to the end of hg support in Bitbucket (as of 2024), but they are available at request.
    • Esotope Brainfuck Compiler (2009) is the best known part of the Esotope project, once a state-of-the-art compiler and still remains strong to this day.
  • 160-byte Brainfuck interpreter in C (2010), unexpectedly popularized by Fireship and successfully triggered ThePrimeagen's facepalm.

Outside of the esolang community, I'm also known for my winning entry for IOCCC 2012, the Chrono library for Rust, and RoadRoller JavaScript packer among others.

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