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$hi = "Hi, I'm $hi"

About Me

My name's Henrik, I'm from Germany, studying "(Angewandte) Informatik" (eng.: (applied) Informatics) at DHBW Stuttgart. I guess this is a part of my online life now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Languages I speak

Language Fluency
Obj.-C my mother tongue, but I probably forgot most of it by now
(̶H̶T̶M̶L̶/̶C̶S̶S̶)̶, JS native speaker
Swift fluent
Python quite good
Java good
C++ haven't used it in years .-.
Bash/Cmd enough to get around
Brainf*** jup
L33t yea
Befunge basic communication skills


The very first language I wrote all by myself for a WWDC Scholarship submission (I didn't get it, tho ;-;).

How did I get here

THE END Just kidding, I discovered this site when I was quite young (I probably just google "weird programming languages" or sth.) but I was amazed that something like this actually existed. And one language that I found especially interesting was shuffle. Sadly, I never had a chance to try it out... A few years forward I find myself at the uni, learning about Alan Turing and how programming languages work. This inspired me to come back here and also create a programming language of my own and I'm very exited about what else I will create in the future.

Links n' Stuff