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Hello esoteric programmers! Welcome to my home in this wiki!

I am a stranger boi from the land of yoga, temples, and spicy food. You may call me Moon for short (Sunny is already my brother's nickname). I am also a person with an interest in esolangs! (I actually have interests in a lot of things, e.g this)

Also, I do like a handful of jokes and weird spelling (Notice how I wrote "boi" earlier), but I hate them when it comes to documentation and learning. That is a reason why I created this account - To fix pages.

My programming experience

The actual first language I learnt is Python. I still know some basics of it today. I made some cool programs, like a tic tac toe mini-game in Python. However, Python was very simple and, honestly speaking, hard to read. I later switched to another language - C# (unfortunately, C# does not have an official website). To this day, C# is my favourite practical language, because everything ' makes sense ' in C#. I also learned a bit of the web building trio (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

Nowadays, I make games using the Unity game engine (with C#).

I suddenly came across the Wikipedia article about esolangs and brainy boi. This enhanced my idea about programming theory. I immediately got tangled to all these different weird languages, so now look at me having an apartment on this wiki.

Languages I know

  • C#
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • C (I learned it from a few articles about esolangs & my knowledge of C#)
  • Numerous esolangs (I am trying to read about every one of these enchantments, and also, in fact, creating C# interpreters for the ones I can)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Dutch

Languages I made

Sadly, I have made none. I do have ideas for a few semi-spicy esolangs though!

Before I make some, I should create a GitHub account first to prove that they are possible though.

What I am doing

  • Creating C# console apps about specific esolangs. (I could show them here, but C# programs tend to be extra long)
  • Playing around with 33 (Article will be deployed in a few days)!

Esolang Projects

You can find all my esolang projects here (If there are some).

Final message

Last of all,

thanks for stopping by! :D