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Links to languages I find interesting

Unfortunately one of the names includes profanity (despite what others may call it). Please be advised.

  • INTERCAL - The Granddaddy of all Eso-Langs.
  • Brainfuck - It's simplicity is deceptive.
  • Malbolge - Aptly named. The fact alone that it took several years to make Hello World deems it of mention in this list. Need I say more?
  • Java2K - An interesting language with an interesting premise.
  • Whenever - I just discovered this one, and it fits perfectly with how I'd like to treat my own schedule of things to do.

Other programming oddities

  • Ok, now THIS is amusing: Hello World in several different languages from the same source file!
  • Proof that most people have nothing better to do in the internet than to waste time.
  • Side note: I was wrong, this beats any waste of time, on- of off-line! :)