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My previous wiki experience is administrating a collaborative writing wiki

I post code to github. Esolang repos:

  • Befunge Fast Befunge interpreters. The vimscript one's more a hack to play around with vim-as-ide concepts
  • Rue Thue with Python's regex system & IO/args/modules bolted on
  • oilrs OIL implemented in Rust. Includes a macrolang gas for assembling OIL code
  • Brainfuck 2 Haskell implementations written after hitting the Brainfuck problem on Hackerrank (I didn't get the job)
  • Inline Attempt at reverse engineering an implementation of Inline
  • NULL NULL's python implementation was too slow for my weak hardware. Even in Rust it takes 2.5 seconds to run hello world (0.1s in Release, but still)
  • Kelxquoia Kelxquoia implemented in Rust
  • evil evil to WASM, except it's missing most opcodes
  • brainwebfuckassembly Brainfuck to WASM
  • Not on Github, Boolfuck in Go for a codewars kata

Less esoteric end, more useless:

  • lambdaski Experimenting with compiling into type level Rust programs
  • jsonpl I had a bad idea (it was a bad time then, being a nodejs dev) which I didn't let get too far out of hand
  • preprocessor
  • luwa Attempting to implement a Lua runtime on top of WASM. Haven't actually gotten to generating WASM yet

But hey, I made this one useful pull request once