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Hey, I'm raddish0.

I'm 13yrs (edit: 14yrs) old, and am interested in computer science, and programming.

I know:

HTML (not really a language, but...)
Smilebasic (a rather powerful port of basic for the 3ds)
BBC Basic
Bash (Debian Linux)
Micro (I made this one)

You should know:

  • I am interested in AI, and even wrote a chatbot that learns. (in smilebasic)
  • I really enjoy code golfing, and information theory.
  • and I want to learn more about technology!

topics I have interests in:

* computer science
* cryptography
* information theory
* Turing completeness
* Artificial Intelligence
* Natural Language Processing
* Linguistics
* Constructed languages
* The IoT, and how to prevent IoT related botnet attacks
* Artificial Sentiance, and how it relates to The Chinese Room problem
(AI does NOT need to be sentiant, just as the man in the Chinese room doesn't know chinese)
* cool vulnerabilities, like the "slow Loris attack"
* and neural networks