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Hi, I'm PolySaken. I'm primarily a digital artist, though I've been a programmer for 9 years and counting. I started off with BASIC and have always had a love for unconventional computer science topics, but only recently discovered Esolangs.

My Esolangs


  • Clart, A prototype-based Object-Oriented language where the only control structures are if, functions, and 'datafunctions', which store persistent values and allow them to be used as objects.
  • Excellerated Short-Term Memory Loss, A thematic, procedural 2D language meant to look like a spreadsheet. ESTML is a linear bounded automata, not turing complete.

Working On

  • Gluck, A successor to Clart which includes bytecode rules and is tailored for embedding, as well as a general syntactic upgrade.


I encourage you to take these and make them real.

  • Anachronym, a functional language in which the user is forced to create two unique but interchangeable implementations for every function.
  • Extended Excellerated Short-Term Memory Loss, An ESTML variant made turing complete by adding arbitrary memory access. More info can be found on the ESTML page about how to do this.

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