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Hello! Welcome to my page, I am Oklomsy I am the creator of

  • Furcode #BetterProgrammingForFurries
  • Robolang Robots can now program!
  • Beecode Every "bee" prints out the first sentence of the bee movie script.
  • Danica A horrible mess
  • Assemblei Assembly but it is a complete mess
  • boobeans A normal language but the booleans don't make sense.

I stumbled on Esolangs when I was searching for information about LOLCODE, I looked at other languages and I was inspired so I made my own, Furcode is the first language I ever made, Assemblei is my proudest achievement and Beecode is the quickest language I was able to make in a hour.

I am online during Monday-Sunday 1PM to 5PM CEST. (I might be online during 5PM to 10PM but there is a slim chance that I am actually on Esolangs)

News and Stuff

Date: January 22th 2020
Achievement unlocked: More advanced interpreters. 
Well... I did it, I finally did it, I made a very complicated interpreter, I will always love Assemblei, it is mmy proudest achievement.
Date: January 9th 2020
Hello! I am going to try to make more advanced interpreters once I learn More advanced JavaScript... (UPDATE: Turns out I am better at making python interpreters.)
I know my interpreters are lazy.