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Taking a break

Alright... I'm getting a bit bored with the byte moving business, have been kinda obsessed about this stuff lately =) I think I will focus on other stuff like my music for a while. If anyone wants to "adopt" one or more of "my" pages (ByteByteJump, BytePusher, ByteMover, MISC-x86 etc) and develop them further, feel free to do so. I think the general bit copying concept is so beautiful and simple. There's a lot of potential for future development. For example, I think it would be super cool if someone built a real ByteMover (or similar) CPU in silicon. Anyways, I think the serious computer scientists (you know, the ones who like to think about turing completeness and computability and such) here on Esolang are getting a little annoyed by now, looking at the "Recent changes" page and all they see is this Javamannen guy and his "ByteThis" and "ByteThat" ramblings. This stuff should probably have its own home page. Anyhow... saying bye for now. Thanks to Zzo38 and Ben Russel for supporting BytePusher. And thanks to Oleg for the inspiration provided by BitBitJump. /Adam D. --Javamannen 05:42, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

...but of course I couldn't stay away for too long =D --Javamannen 23:52, 18 November 2010 (UTC)