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Hello, I am Hiant. Honestly, I have no idea what prompted me to add the rest to the name... (boredom perhaps?). I am not an expert on computers. Far from it, in fact. Rather, I am interested in 'old' architecture, the classical benefits of programming languages of old that have been ignored, despite their general usefulness. I am also 'addicted' to solving problems in interesting, and elegant, ways. I suppose that is what lead me here. As such, I create esoteric languages out of boredom, and as a challenge to myself and others.

As most of my works are either half finished, or beyond my current ability to improve, I welcome advice, comments, and help.

All interest is appreciated!

My works:

  • OTOH - Based of the idea of a system where operations could only take place in a single memory cell. Evolved beyond original expectations to be much more interesting.
  • Trite - A horrible, horrible mess. Based of the idea of a program as self-transforming data, I have yet to find a viable program.
  • Uppercase Pi - A descendant of OTOH, with more operational spaces, and more restrictions. Will be finished sometime, I promise.
  • @! - My attempt at an actually useful language where everything is a queue. The specifications are up, but are probably ambiguous. Clarification and peer-editing appreciated.