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Hi! It's me

I do some code.
I don't know why but no-one seems to like Java, I think it's cute!
C++ has pointers though...

(Java is best language)

I made bitch, a minimalistic bitwise esolang that is probably not Turing-complete (feel free to prove whether or not it is).
In retaliation for this mean comment bitch decided to be (possibly) Turing-complete and also be an absolute pain to code in.


These are just pages that I found interesting/am keeping track of and will have a deeper look at some time in the future.
Listed here mainly for me, but if you want to know what I'm looking at, for some reason, then it's here!

  • bitch's talk page, specifically the reduction from Home Row - I'm mainly invested in this because I started it, but it's a pretty boring reduction
  • $tonePits - Caught my eye at the top of the language list: looks like it needs a makeover and it's a pretty cool language concept
  • Melab's Language Number One - Seems like a fun language, I'll probably end up writing an interpreter and playing around with it