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Some stuff I've done:

  • Parts of the Migol article.
  • ExtraReg (impl), a language which no longer serves any particular purpose (I mostly wanted to find out the computational class of a language with regex with branching, but then I found out about Thue).
  • StackSack, a language whose only data storage is a stack, but that stack may contain new stacks or values in any combination.
  • RinGy, a language with some interesting twists regarding looping and the storage of the code/data actually, it's pretty boring.
  • Bipoint, a very limited another somewhat boring language, it can decrement a binary number but can't increment it.

The "boring languages" are mostly boring due to misunderstandings of CS concepts from my part. And as it turns out, they're just repetitions of earlier well-known and well-studied things.

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