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I'm a fan of syntactically simple but computationally interesting languages, rather than those that just feel like subsets of Forth with single-char instructions. I like declarative languages like Haskell, Purescript, Prolog, etc. as a whole, but I'm also interested in very deeply-imperative systems, typically those without a notion of closures. I'm not too convinced yet by lisps. Map/filter with lambda > (generalized) list comprehensions.

I'm incredibly bad at naming things.


  • Hanabi
  • A (hardly esoteric) tacit language that's essentially Jelly but with readable identifier names
  • An extended HMTS-ish pure lazy-codata functional language similar to Haskell with -XBlockArguments, but with some type abstractions I want to try out
  • A branchy nondeterministic thing

Esolangs I like