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Favorite esolangs:

A fake esolang
The most used esolang in history!
Oh my gosh, you cured my brain!

My esolangs

(HA)pple waITING

Is a language based on the computational model made by Alan Turing called "Turing machine". This language add features that makes it easier but keeping the consistency


Is a language based on the esolang made by Urban müller called "Brainfuck". The language is really hard, and i love it, but. I wanted to make it a lot easier. This language translates a new made language to Brainfuck language using algorithms. A simple code can be really long.

Coming esolangs ideas

Code is eso

"Code is eso" Is a language inspired in the game "Baba is you" so the instructions look weird


"Shate" Was made to be the language with the most specific instructions


"r/language" Was made to be understable even to one who dont script


"ShortEsolangName" Has spaghetti code, and, idk


"Bigspace" Was made to be a language with just one instruction (which is time)


"MinimIt" Is a code golfing language. Just that