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Hi, I like to make stuff. Check out my website here.


  • Left‐Right March: A one‐dimensional fungeoid.
  • Expressions: A basic and very unoriginal Forte clone.
  • Dashes: A language where programs are sequences of dashes.
  • Highways: My first two‐dimensional language, also my first concurrent language.
  • PRG: A weirdlang where every word is three letters long.
  • Fool: A language based on boolean logic with a paradigm that I don't know how to describe. (somebody please give info)
  • Cratefuck: A language based around the idea of a limited number of data markers on an infinite tape.

Here is some quick data on these Esolangs:

Name Paradigm Determinism Memory Computational class I/O Dimensions Implemented Self‐modification Personal rating
Left‐Right March Imperative Deterministic Cell‐based Unknown Yes 1 Yes Yes ★★★★★
Expressions Imperative Deterministic Uncategorized Unknown Yes 1 No Ambiguous ★☆☆☆☆
Dashes Imperative Deterministic Cell‐based & stack‐based Turing-complete Yes 1 Yes No ★★☆☆☆
Highways Imperative Probabilistic Cell‐based Turing-complete Yes 2 No No ★★★★☆
PRG Imperative Deterministic Variables & dynamic memory Unknown Yes 1 No No ★☆☆☆☆
Fool Unknown Deterministic Cell‐based Turing-complete No 1 Yes No ★★★★★
Cratefuck Imperative Deterministic Cell‐based Unknown Output Only 1 Yes No ★★★★★