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Hi there!

I'm CoffeeHax17! I've always been interested on how programming languages are made. It seemed too complex to me. Then I stumbled upon brainfuck. Huh, simple, yet effective! And also too complicated not to look like a 1337 h4xx0r programming in it! So I thought "This is awesome!!". And now I'm very interested in esolangs! I've found out a lot of interesting ones, I've created my own too, and they're freaking cool! So here I am, a language geek XD

I've came up with several esolangs, but the very first one that I implemented is Jaune! I named it that way because I like yellow and Jaune means yellow in French, also it starts with J which refers to Java, which is the language I used to implement it =)

My Esolangs

  • Jaune
  • JSMeth (I'm sure there is a similar one somewhere, if there is, please inform me thx)