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Hello, I'm Benjamin Philippe Applegate, known as Camto in the i n t e r n e t. You can find me on the esolangs Discord server. I've even written a few language implementations for the Esobot living there.

Cool esolangs and why I like them:

  • Brainfuck
  • Burlesque
    • It's compact and surprisingly useful.
    • Kind of similar to my own language, calc= (see below).
  • Thue
    • Is a really pure concept.
  • Three Star Programmer
    • Feels like a true OISC.
  • Deadfish
    • You can use it's page to learn about the more useful esolangs (that's how I learned about Burlesque).
  • But Is It Art?
    • It's just so bizarre.
  • Brachylog
    • Logic programming is neato.
    • You can actually program stuff in this marvel.
  • Underload
    • It's fascinating how long the :()^ TC proof is. Also, I see it used everywhere to prove TC-ness of other langs.

You can find me on GitHub if you're curious: My most interesting project there is a concatenative semi-eso lang made for one liners called calc=.