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Heya im Bertrahm/Felix Eckert. I really enjoy programming and as of recently became quite interested in designing esoteric or flat out stupid programming languages.

My Projects

The first Esolang I designed is YAASEL, in the past I've also helped on implementing AIA4.

Other Esolangs

I have come up with a lot of (admittatly mostly boring) esolangs besides YAASEL and Degration. Here is a list of the ones ive deemed "not boring":

  • Apers Assembly (An Assembler consisting of Anagrams of the word "apers")
  • Schnacken (A Joke Language based on German figures of speech)
  • Turing Completer (An Esolang capable of creating Proofs of Turing Completenes for any Language)
  • PNG-Lang (Programming using a PNG Image and outputting with one)