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This is my page. My name's Asher. I make weird shit with anything I am able to find.

Fun fact: I was considering "i like frog" to be a ZISC or an OISC language at some point but instead made a Brainfuck/Smallfuck-esque language instead. I may make another similar to The_Waterfall_Model.

I still play DOOM multiplayer to this day.

Languages I made

Languages I like

The Worst of The Worst Languages

Seed: "As if Befunge wasn't hard enough."

Unified HQ9+: "Some might call it a “mixed bag." But let me tell you what kind of mixed bag. It’s a trash bag that’s had a bad day. (etc.)" - The Angry Video Game Nerd

Dirty: "I didn't know you could have such a good idea but execute it so poorly. I guess the name explains it all."

Kitanai: "Dirty now in Japanese!"