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Total BF is a WIP total (fully defined, always terminating) version of brainfuck abandoned by User:Tailcalled. It will obviously not be Turing-complete.

Effect system

Total BF will have some sort of effect system, which will limit the programs that can be written.

Current ideas for effects documented (hopefully self-expanatory):

   + :: [$#n+1]
   - :: [$#n+255]
   > :: [$n, #n]
   < :: [#n, $n]
   . :: [$#n]
   , :: [$#m] -- note, m, not n

A loop will then require an instruction along the lines of any of the following:

   a :: [$#n+x] where x != 0


   b :: [$n+x, #n] where x != 0

or possibly others.