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Too is a 2-bit tape-based esoteric programing language by User:ChuckEsoteric08


At the start of the program number is inputed and if it's a number from 0 to 3 set current cell to it. The code runs forever.


Cells are 2-bit and wrapping.


Command Description
> Move the cell pointer one step to the right
< Move the cell pointer one step to the left
+ Increment the current cell by one, wrapping around if exceeding the maximum of 3
- Decrement the current cell by one, wrapping around if descending below the minimum of 0
o If the current cell contains 3, execute the next five commands
|x Execute the command x until the current cell contains 0, or until the pointer will be out of the valid bounds

Computational class

Turing-complete because because it is possible to simulate Cyclic Tag with initial queue of 1:

; |<>|+|>
0 |<>o|>+><|<|>
1 |<>o|>+++|<|>

Input should be 3.



Queries the user for an input and continuously increments the same:


Conditional execution

If the user enters the value of three, advances to the dextral cell, sets it to two, returns to the original cell, and increments it by one in order to reach the value zero, thus disabling these actions in the subsequent cycles.



  • Common Lisp implementation of the Too programming language.