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The Genius From Kiev is a series of esoteric programming languages made by Areallycoolusername to be the exact opposite of The Amnesiac From Minsk (Hence, the opposing names). The first language called The Genius From Kiev 8 is harder than the opposing language The Genius From Kiev 6, which is harder than The Genius From Kiev 4, which finally, is harder than The Genius From Kiev 2. This page will come in sections for each language.

The Genius From Kiev 8

Since the languages are supposed to be the opposite of The Amnesiac From Minsk, the syntax for this language is the opposite as well. The syntax includes a set of counters, each set to a random value that ranges from -7 to 999. There are 180 counters. The value of each counter isn't specified, so the user doesn't know whether to increment or decrement the value to get the desired outcome. triggers are made for each counter as well, and activate when the user is trying to decrement a -7 counter, when a user is incrementing a counter, and when a decrementing a counter. It's illegal for a trigger to set of a chain of triggers whenever the user attempts to change a counter and meets anyone of the three criteria for a trigger to activate. The program goes on if the counter is incremented and the trigger increments the same counter again. However, if a counter id decremented so that it passes the -7 limit, the program will halt. An implementation of this language would involve the first counter value to be decremented, unless the first value is -7, in which case the value will be left alone. The syntax for a program look like:

+21 -21 * 
+42 -42 -6:
-1 -1 -1 -5: 
+2 + 2 +3 *** 

Comments are allowed as normal text on the bottom of the code, and columns aren't needed. Instead, you use a triangle (because screw columns). The last line in each program must be


. Spaces are significant, and are used to signify the end of a digit. Each new counter used must start from -7 and will go on subsequently until 999 is reached.


is ignored and is used to fill up a triangle if the code is short. The name "Genius" is given since the program does have to remember why it's incrementing the the value and vice versa. Counter number is, as stated before, specified by program at random and isn't disclosed to the user.

The Genius From Kiev 4