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TextGarbage (previously named Gibberish but that's already taken) is an esoteric programming language created by User:Dominicentek. It's commands are only 1 character long making the code look like gibberish.


Instruction Parameters Description
v <variable> <value> Creates a variable and sets a value to it
i <variable> Creates a variable and assigns user input to it
o <value> Outputs value as an ASCII character
n <value> Outputs value as a number
m <variable> <value> <operation> <value> Performs a Math operation with 2 values and assigns it to a variaible
x Exits the program
c <value> <comparsion> <value> Performs an IF statement. If it returns true, a code block is executed
e Ends a code block
f <function> Assigns a code block to a function variable
r <function> Runs a function
l <label> Creates a label variable
g <label> Goes to a label (goto)

Invalid instructions are ignored.

Parameter Types

variable, function and label are variable names. Each variable name is named with just one character. When you define a variable type as c, you will define it, but you can't access it due to the character being used for marking constants.
value can either be a constant or variable. If it includes c at the beginning, it's marked as constant and the value after it will be used for that constant. Otherwise, it's a variable that does not have any extension. If a constant is not a number, it's treated as a character ASCII value.
operator is a Math operator. It can be:

  • a - Add
  • s - Subtract
  • m - Multiply
  • d - Divide
  • r - Division remainder (modulo)

comparsion is used as a comparsion operator for IF statements. It can be:

  • e - Equal
  • n - Not equal
  • g - Greater than
  • l - Less than


Hello World

ocHoceocloclocooc,oc ocWocoocroclocdoc!

Truth Machine






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