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It's possible that nested conditionals of the same type could be emulated in Deadfish PDA for a revision to XYZ?. Since XYZ? isn't doing anything with the stack while skipped over a conditional, you might be able to place ! on the stack when skipping, followed by a certain amount of A's based on the conditional depth, then pop the ! off when the conditional is over. This might require using a few more states, but would enable arbitrary conditional depth, something this language is really missing. Backwards jumps I don't think are very possible, since you would have to store all of the inputted code and there's not any great places to put it. Thus, while loops I think are not going to ever be a thing in Deadfish PDA nested languages, except for feeding it the same program over and over to stick the entire program in a loop. Conditionals do sort of allow you to skip parts of the loop, effectively making loops in the places that aren't skipped, so arbitrary loops are sort of possible with a feeder program, including XYZ?, although current nested conditional restrictions really inhibit this quality. BoundedBeans (talk) 03:22, 27 August 2022 (UTC)