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Observations from Creator

Due to the fact that the language only gives special meaning to space and newline, treating all other characters normally; there exists a subset of this language using only whitespace characters

  • tab: functions as letters
  • space: separates tab "words"
  • newline: separates commands

This can also be used to make subroutines longer while keeping the poem's stanzas short

Conversely you can put multiple subroutines in one stanza by double-spacing somewhere in the subroutine blank line since this will put a 0 in the multiply lines part

single character words (e.g "I") can be used without changing the meaning of the line to the interpreter

Since poetry plays fast and loose with punctuation, you can manipulate this to fudge opcodes how you want while keeping the "artistic" appeal of your program

alternately you can use tabs. Though this will alter the look unless you only tab the last word

"ArthroStar11 (talk) 06:39, 27 August 2021 (UTC)"